1. When is the best time to visit Ocean City?

The best time is from Memorial Day till Labor Day. During the fall, winter and spring the water is cold.


2. How far is Ocean City?


Baltimore, DC Area - 3 hours

Lakewood area - 3½ hours 

New York Metro Area - 4 hours

Monsey - 4 hours

Upstate NY - 5 hours

During weekends in the summer months expect longer than usual travel times.

Air Travel

There’s an airport 40 minutes away in Salisbury (SBY) that services American Airlines with stopovers. For direct flights, the closest major airport is 2 hours away in Philadelphia.

Public Transportation

There aren’t any public buses or trains to the Ocean City area.


3. Can I find Kosher food products in Ocean City?

There currently aren't Cholov Yisroel, Pas Yisroel or Glatt Kosher items sold in stores so it is recommended to bring your own. For other basic items there are supermarkets (Food Lion, ACME etc.) that sell typical items that you will find in any major grocery store. 


4. Are there any kosher restaurants or take out?

There are no Kosher restaurants in Ocean City. Chabad does offer catering. For more information click here.


5. Is there a place that I can join for Shabbat meals?

We welcome all to participate in our elegant family Shabbat and holidays meals. To RSVP please contact Rabbi Cohen.


6. Are there Minyanim?

Please contact Rabbi Cohen so you can be counted for a Minyan.


7. Is Ocean City safe for vacationers?

Thank G‑d it is considered very safe for tourists.


8. What is the weather like in Ocean City?

The best weather is from mid May to the end of September. Temperatures peak in July and August, with daytime highs in the low 80s. From October till April it’s very similar weather to the DC area, NY, NJ. The best water temperatures are from June through September.


9. What attractions should I consider going to?

Visit https://www.ococean.com/things-to-do


10. What can I do if I need a Mikvah? 

For Mikvah services in Ocean City please contact Mrs. Cochava Cohen.


11. What kind of Medical care is in the area?

There are numerous hospitals and urgent cares in the area. There is also a major hospital 45 minutes away in Salisbury.