Minyanim In Ocean City


In Ocean City there are Minyanim as long as people can inform us that they can be counted. Before arriving please contact Rabbi Cohen so that you can be counted towards the Minyan.




Weekday Minyan Times 

(includes Sundays and Legal Holidays)


Shacharis (Hodu) - 8:45am (sharp)


Mincha-Maariv - around 15 minutes before Sunset 

(To be confirmed when there is a Minyan)



Shabbos Minyan Times


Mincha & Kabolas Shabbos - around 90 minutes before Candle Lighting 

(To be confirmed when there is a Minyan)


Shacharis (Hodu) - 10:00am


Mincha & Maariv - To be confirmed when there is a Minyan


Which hotels are within walking distance near Chabad?


Below are some options

Fenwick Inn - 1 minute walk

Holiday Inn - 15 minute walk

Fenwick Shores By Hilton - 30 minute walk